Research Interests

  • Leadership/Leadership Development/Preparation – Mentoring
  • Organizational Learning – Professional Learning Community
  • Collaborative Learning from Success/Reflective Practices
  • Policy Reform Implementation and Sustainability in Accountability Systems
  • System Thinking Leadership
  • Organizational Theory and Practice/Innovative Organizational Frameworks
  • Educational Change
  • Collaborative Learning Strategies

 Ongoing and Future Research Agenda

My major areas of ongoing and future research aim to foster real-time reciprocal connections between academic theory and research and the authentic needs of leadership practitioners in today’s turbulent and high-pressured educational environments, while collaborating with faculty members, graduate students, and policy-makers:

  • Cultural, psychological, political, and contextual conditions that either foster or hinder learning communities in the context of accountability and high-stakes standards
  • Comparative analysis of the principal’s and school middle-leaders’ roles in diverse cultures, in times of accountability. How do principals and mid-level leaders make sense of their leadership role during the implementation and sustainability of large-scale reforms?
  • Mentoring in principal preparation programs and determinants for productive mentor-mentee relationships
  • The characteristics and development of systems thinking in leadership education and in-service principals
  • Technology-based simulation in leadership development as a reflective-collaborative process
  • Collective learning from success to elicit school change
Research Interests