Schechter, C., & Atarchi, L. (2014). The meaning and measure of organizational learning mechanisms in secondary schools. Educational Administration Quarterly, 50(4), 577-609.

Your attitudes toward your school
To what extent do the following components exist in your school

In my school…          



Does not exist   Definitely exists
We receive professional literature (articles, books) about educational–pedagogical research.12345
There are meetings where students (student council) present their needs to the staff.12345
Periodic reports on school curriculum evaluation are circulated.12345
There are report meetings between school staff and students (student council) about school activities.12345
Teachers work together to plan educational activities.12345
Teachers go over summaries of the various staff meetings (protocols).12345
Reports about professional changes and innovations are circulated to the staff.12345
Evaluation reports on school projects are published.12345
Meetings are held to evaluate students’ academic achievements.12345
There is a supply of professional reference materials.12345
Staff meetings evaluate ways to implement school decisions.12345
Teachers use an online superintendent/district’s site to adjust study materials and teaching methods (samples of final exams with answer key, final exam materials, articles).12345
Staff meetings are held to form a school vision.12345
Meetings are held to evaluate students’ behavior.12345
Information booklets about school procedures are circulated among parents.12345
Summaries of teacher work/school projects are stored in a location accessible and known to everyone.12345
Online information resources provide teachers with professional feedback.12345
There are learning meetings between school staff and students (student council) to plan school activities.12345
Our school website contains information for parents (on their child’s achievements and about school activities).12345
Staff meetings make use of protocols of previous meetings.12345
Our school website contains study materials for students (lesson and article summaries).12345
Each curriculum/project has an updated instructional file.12345
Meetings are held to set evaluation methods for students’ achievements.12345
Summary reports of school activities/projects are prepared.12345