Schechter, C. (2008). Organizational learning mechanisms: Its meaning, measure, and implications for school improvement. Educational Administration Quarterly, 44(2), 155-186.

Your attitudes toward your school
To what extent do the following components exist in your school

In my school…Does not exist   Definitely exists
Professional literature (essays, books) dealing with educational-pedagogical research is received.12345
There is a supply of professional literature.12345
Teachers watch the lessons of other teachers on the staff for learning purposes.12345
Teachers read the meeting summaries (protocols) of the various teams.12345
Reports dealing with professional changes and innovations are disseminated.12345
Previous reports dealing with learning and instruction are used for evaluation purposes.12345
Periodical feedback regarding the evaluation of the curriculum is disseminated.12345
Joint events/initiatives/projects are held with the parents and various entities in the community.12345
Professional learning connections with other schools are sustained.12345
Meetings are held for the purpose of determining how to evaluate student achievements and the curriculum.12345
Thinking groups are convened to discuss professional issues.12345
Staff meetings that deal with the goals of the school are conducted.12345
Teachers work together on ways to improve the curriculum and instruction.12345
Teachers work together to plan educational activities.12345
Teachers work together in order to tailor the study subjects to the school students.12345
Meetings are held to evaluate the academic achievements of the students.12345
Meetings are held to evaluate the students’ behavior.12345
Summary reports of teachers’ works/school projects are stored in an accessible place that is known to all.12345
Every project/curriculum has an updated implementation guidelines file.12345
Summary reports of school projects/activities are written.12345
There is a resources room/information center in which implementation reports, data, procedures, pedagogical materials, and so on are gathered and can be easily located and are accessible at all times.12345
Team meetings refer to decisions that were made in previous meetings.12345
Reports dealing with the evaluation of school projects/programs are published.12345
Staff meetings make use of protocols of previous meetings.12345
Curricula are changed and tailored following evaluation feedback.12345
Changes are made to teaching methods following analysis and evaluation of school activities.12345
Knowledge acquired during the supervision and control process of school activities is implemented when planning future organizational activities.12345